Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state that divides assets acquired prior to and during your marriage based upon several factors. It is important to know your rights are "equitable" which does not mean "equal" in all cases. One spouse may receive a larger share of the marital estate depending upon the length of marriage, parties' earnings and value of property.

The division of assets include family owned businesses, professional corporations, bank accounts, retirement assets, pensions, real estate investments, corporate stock options, life insurance policies, vehicles and personal property. Many divorcing parties believe or suspect their spouse are hiding assets or income in contemplation of a divorce. Clients who have not had access to the marital financial statements, payment of the household bills or their spouse's pay stubs and sources of income, often need to protect their rights through the formal discovery of tracing the parties' accumulated assets. In some cases, the use of written interrogatories, request for documents, oral depositions and subpoenas to banks and other financial institutions may be necessary to establish the value of your marital estate.

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