Divorce mediation works best for couples who want to communicate their individual and family priorities with a goal of preserving assets, limiting tax consequences and support a healthy environment for their children to grow and flourish despite separate households or parenting styles.

Our primary tools help you tap into your common sense skills, avoid disruption in your daily life and are goal-oriented to solve your individual concerns and needs. We offer candid, trustworthy, empathetic sessions to meet the needs of working, multi-task persons who wish to avoid expensive legal battles in an adversarial court setting, a process that can take years. In meditation, you retain control, make your own decisions and maintain your privacy in a non-adversarial, efficient process.

Mediation allows you to:

  • Retain control
  • Participate in an efficient process of inventorying your assets/debt
  • Make decisions regarding retaining or selling assets
  • Process to keep your personal information private; avoids any public records of personal matters
  • Non-adversarial
  • Fosters creative solutions
  • Meetings to bounce ideas

Mediation is appropriate for:

  • Crafting a child custody schedule
  • Minimizing tax consequences of dividing assets
  • Calculating spousal and child support orders without the need to enter the state- wide court system
  • Tackling complicated issues
  • Interfacing with your existing accountants and business planners
  • Minimizing legal costs

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