In a marriage where minor children are involved, a transition can be stressful for all the family members. Jill Trayer assists her clients in establishing custody agreements and orders to enforce the terms of a custody schedule, modify a change in legal or physical custody and for those parents who seek partial, equal or primary parenting arrangements. Ms. Trayer is also a strong advocate for parents who are being denied custody rights with their children.

Ms. Trayer recognizes parents who are separating or in the midst of divorce, need assistance in sorting out the issues and best interests of their children from their own frustrations, feelings and emotional mistrust of the other parent. Ms. Trayer also guides parents through the relevant custody factors who wish to relocate to another county or state with the children. She also has in-depth experience in dealing with parents from suffering from a mental illness, addictions and other judgmental factors that affect parents' custody rights.

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